03.27.14Brazilian Jazz at Cafe Wha with Julie E

Vocalist Julie E. sings Jobim and other great Brazlian standards.

03.14.14Brazilian Jazz at Lucille's

BB King's intimate club room Lucille's hosts Julie E singing Brazlian Jazz with Manny Moreira, Leo Traversa and Norberto

01.18.14Barbados Jazz Festival

Playing with Mary Wilson (Supremes) in her tribute to Lena Horne.

12.25.13Funky Bhangra at Mona's

With Frank London and Deep Singh

12.19.13Brazilian Jazz at Cafe Wha with Julie E

11.16.13Master Class at Purchase College Day of Percussion

11.09.13Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars in Central Park

11.08.13Zinc Bar with the Roger Davidson Brazilian Quintet

10.26.13Zinc Bar with the Roger Davidson Brazilian Quintet

10.15.13Honk Festival at Littlefields

Bhangra/funk/klezmer with Frank London and Deep Singh

10.04.13Brazilian Jazz at Lucille's

With vocalist Julie E and Manny Moreira on guitar

07.21.13Israel Tour

Concerts with Latin Power

06.21.13Bhangra/Klezmer brass band

Playing the midnight show at Drom with Frank London and Deep Singh. Bhangra/Klezmer mashup.

05.15.13Drum and Dance at Chappaqua Library

Drum and Dance performance at 4PM at the Chappaqua Library auditorium.

04.29.13Frank London's Shekhina Big Band

Playing a variety of styles including, Latin, Klezmer, Jazz with this unique big band.

02.07.13"In the Heights" at Westchester Broadway Theater

Playing Latin and other assorted percussion for the run of the show.

01.19.13Playing Mediterranean/World Music with the NOGA group

01.16.13Barbados Jazz Festival

Playing with Mary Wilson of the Supremes

01.16.13Brabados Jazz Festival

Playing with Mary Wilson of the Supremes

01.16.13Brabados Jazz Festival

Playing with Mary Wilson of the Supremes.


Playing at Cornelia St. Cafe. Latin Jazz with a Yiddish twist.


Frank London's Yidish-Salsa project at Newyorican Cafe. Great band including Arturo O'Farril, Ruben Rodriguez, Norbert Stachel and others.

10.21.12Talking Drums at Northport Public Library

10.17.12Mabel Mercer Cabaret Festival

Playing with Amra Faye Wright- Mark Hummel MD at Rose Hall- Lincoln Ctr. Jazz

09.14.12Mediterranean and World Music

07.26.12Mediterranean and World Music

With the Noga Group

07.25.12Amazonas plays Chappaqua outdoor concert

7 PM at the field in town.

06.15.12LjubaDavisLadino Ensemble AlbumRelease

8 PM show

05.17.12Mediterranean and World Music

The Noga Group at La Cienega in New Rochelle

05.14.12Concert with Lisa Jane Lipkin

Special NYC Performance!! Cornelia Street Cafe. Monday May 14th 6pm. w/Peter Calo, Norbert Goldberg, & Nancy Scorcia at this Greenwich Village cultural landmark.

05.12.12Reunion gig with Frank Canino and Manny Moreira

05.10.12All that Glitters

Workshop of a new musical about Liberace

01.20.12Two Guitars at the Beanrunner Cafe- Peekskill, NY

12.17.11Playing with Two Guitars

Playing a hybrid percussion setup. Very Musical group

11.06.11Jazz at the Karma Lounge

Playing with the Ted Daniel's quartet

11.03.11Playing with Two Guitars

Special concert at the Tuxedo Library, NY.

10.22.11Playing with Two Guitars

Playing a hybrid percussion setup. Very Musical group

10.04.11Drum Circle at List College, NYC

Drum circle for student leaders

10.02.11Jazz at the Karma Lounge

Playing with trumpet player Ted Daniels. Hip be-bop (say it 3x fast)

08.08.11Norbert and Friends at Shablul, Tel Aviv

Reunion with some of Israels best Latin jazz musicians at one of Tel Aviv's best clubs.

04.09.11Latin Jazz at 12 Grapes in Peekskill

Great lineup of world-class Latin musicians including: Leo Traversa, Juancho Herrera, Itai Kris, Daniel Freiberg and special guests

01.22.11Playing with Two Guitars

Playing a hybrid percussion setup. Nice selection of tunes.http://www.twoguitarsnow.com/

10.23.10Norberto and Friends concert at the Warner Library in Tarrytown

Accompanied by Daniel Freiberg, pno., Harvie S, bass, and Mark Fineberg, saxes Norberto plays Braziliatin jazz.

09.25.10"Talking Drums" and Trio Concert

"Talking Drums" presentation followed by a Latin jazz concert with Daniel Freiberg pno. and Ruben Rodriguez on bass at Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library in Long Island.

09.11.10 Latin jazz at the Katonah Museum

As part of the Cuba Avant Garde exhibition, Norbert's group performs Afro-Cuban music. 7-9 PM

08.03.10Mediterranean & World Music

featuring: Avram Pengas - Samir Shukry - Nick Mandoukos,
Elysa Sunshine -Norbert Goldberg

07.22.10Latin Jazz with Annette Aguilar and Stringbeans

NewYorican Poets Cafe

07.12.10"Talking Drums" at the Pelham Library

07.10.10Norberto and Amazonas at the Pleasantville Music Festival

06.21.10Outdoor Jazz

Anne Mironchik Piano Trio
Steve Wexler, bass; Norbert Goldberg, perc.
7:00 p.m. – East End Ave at 86th St.
Carl Schurz Park, overlooking the East River

06.18.10Amazonas plays "12 Grapes" in Peekskill

06.17.10"Talking Drums" at Chappaqua Public Library

05.24.10Bonaire Jazz Festival

With Manny Moreira, Leo Traversa and Cliff Korman

05.14.10"Kidjazz" at Bell Middle School, Chappaqua, NY

05.08.10Concert for Neighbor's Link

Amazonas plays "Brazilatin" music for annual gala.

04.15.10Kevin Kane Band

Concert at FAB, Mt. Kisco, NY

04.12.10"Liberty" workshop

Playing drums/percussion for the new musical "Liberty" slated to open this fall in NYC.

03.26.10Kevin Kane Band

Concert at Moon Rocks, Bedford, NY

11.30.09Joe's Pub

Paul Oakley Stovall's show "Clear"

10.30.09Kevin Kane Band

Original rock with at Teddy's Club in Mt. Kisco

10.23.09Neighbors Link Concert

Benefit Latin/Brazilian jazz concert for the Neighbors Link Organization with my group Amazon

09.13.09Towne Crier gig with the Kevin Kane Band

Original rock band playing at a cool venue in Pawling, NY

08.31.09Batida Diferente on the Radio

Batida Diferente will be featured on Jona Rapoport's acclaimed radio show, Art & Fine Living with Jona on CJRS 1650 in Montreal on September 6 at 4pm and on September 8 at 11pm. You can tune in live and access the program later on in the show's archives.

08.28.09Production of "21"

A new musical by Alki Steropoulos in Brattelboro, Vt.

06.25.09Songs for a New World

Playing percussion for HFC benefit. June 25 & 26

06.21.09Towne Crier, Pawling NY

Playing original rock with the Kevin Kane band

04.15.09Kidjazz presentation in Chappaqua middle schools

Norbert brings his jazz quartet to Bell Middle School and seven Bridges for a presentation on the evolution of jazz.

10.17.08Obama benefit

Playing with the great trumpet player Shunzo Ono

08.07.08August 7 & 10

Gigs in Israel with Fernando Knopf and the New Quintet

03.17.08Norberto and Friends at Cachaca

Playing Brazilian and Latin jazz with Daniel Freiberg, pno. Ruben rodriguez, bs. and Rodrigo Ursaia on sax and flute.
Sets at 7 & 8:30 PM Cachacajazz.com for more info.

03.15.08Talking Drums at the Croton Public Library

02.07.08Norbert and Friends at Cachaca

Norbert is joined by Daniel Freiberg on piano, Ruben Rodriguez on bass and Diego Urcola on trpt./tbone for an evening of Latin/Brazilian jazz.

12.17.07Talking Drums presentation at the White Plains Library

The presentation caps off a three week program of percussion for children

10.11.07"The Glorious Ones" at Lincoln Center

Norbert will be playing percussion for the new production of the Ahrens-Flaherty musical beginning Oct. 11th through Jan. '08.

04.23.07The Molly McGuires

Playing Irish themed music (bodhran, spoons, etc.) for the new musical The Molly McGuires at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre, PA. April 26-28

04.09.07Show at Birdland with Georgia Stitt

Performance with singer/composer Georgia Stitt and other B'way stars at Birdland

01.23.07Performing with Kerry Linder at Lucille's Grill at BB Kings Blues

237 W. 42 St. @ 8th Ave
8 PM - No cover

01.15.07" Talking Drums " at the Chappaqua Library

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, the Chappaqua Library will be hosting Norbert's children's interactive percussion program "Talking Drums"

01.08.07Detroit Auto Show with " Drum Cafe "

Covered by reporters from around the globe, Drum Cafe's performance highlighted Chrysler's launch of their new concept cars.

01.04.07Latin/Brazilian clinic at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

01.01.07New CD " Batida Diferente" available at cdbaby.com/cd/norberto

Recorded in New York and Israel the CD features original compositions by Norberto performed by a stellar cast of musicians including Romero Lubambo (gt), Nilson Matta (bs), Aloisio Aguiar (pno), Ruben Rodriguez (bs), Daniel Freiberg (pno), Fernando Knopf (bs), Marc Kakon (gt), and many others.